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Tuesday, April 25th, 2017


Aurora, a name that engenders an air of mystique and sophistication, translates to mean “dawn”, derived from the “goddess of the sunrise.” This petite and totally elegant girl, with her cool gray/white coat and piercing green eyes, is as radiant and sleek as they come – a total heart throb. Youthful Aurora, just a babe at two years old, is a sweetheart to the tenth degree. She spreads her sunshine all day long, loving your lap and the continuous head scratches you will naturally give her as you snuggle up to watch your favorite movies together! Of course, your favorite movie is her favorite movie, too! Go figure! Lounging in the sun and enjoying lovely treats makes for a tip top day, in her humble opinion. Aurora loves the company of other cats and also seems pretty open-minded about the dogs in her life too. She particularly blossoms with any adoring attention she gets from her two-legged friends – that would be you! This little girl is no wallflower either as she loves to play and is full of fun- loving “cat-itude.” There is no doubt that her spunk and feistiness will definitely make you smile! Consider enriching your life while ringing in the New Year by inviting Aurora into your life, into your heart, and into your home!


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