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Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Tip your hat to this tiptop Tippy, a sweetheart of a senior kitty who will supply a gentility and gentleness to your abode. Although Tippy’s early years were fraught with times of insecurity and danger, she was fortunately rescued from those frightening conditions by a wonderfully caring individual. For many years now, since those trying experiences, Tippy has lived in the safety of Francisvale’s loving surroundings. . Now, it would be so lovely for Tippy to find a special home of her own where she can finally feel the sense of family that is longed for by us all. She loves to commune with nature and keenly observes all that is going on outside of her domain. A nice meal, some yummy treats, and loving companions would yield a great sign of contentment from this wee girl. If you cherish a sense of peace and serenity in your environment, Tippy is the kitty for you.



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