Penn Vet

Every adopter of a cat or dog receives three months of free resources with our intern PennVet behaviorist to help make the transformation from shelter to forever home a permanent one.

In 2015, Francisvale launched its partnership with animal behavior experts from Penn Vet’s Ryan Hospital to ensure every cat and dog in our care has the best possible chance at finding a forever home.

Because behavior problems are the leading cause of pet relinquishment, all animals who come through Francisvale are carefully screened and evaluated for behavioral issues before they are placed into adoptive homes.

Many behavioral issues are correctable and most animals respond well to training and treatment solutions. However, there are times when through no fault of their own, a dog or cat will require ongoing care. Because Francisvale is a no-kill shelter, these animals become long-term residents and we work with Penn Vet to enhance the welfare of these animals.

Our partnership with Penn Vet is one of the many ways we work to reinforce the special bond between people and pets adopted from Francisvale.

For more information: Penn Vet’s Ryan Hospital and Francisvale Home for Smaller Animals Partner to Maximize Welfare and Adoptability of Pets in Need