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Biggles: A Very Loveable Guy!

Several weeks ago a man brought a Sphynx cat to the shelter that he had found in the woods behind his house. He had no microchip and despite reporting to several agencies that we had him he was never claimed.

He was very skinny upon admission and blood work showed elevated liver enzymes. An ultrasound showed a very large inflamed liver and possible cancer in his intestines. Despite this he was a very happy, constantly purring lovely little boy. He had a wonderful appetite and showed no signs of illness.

Two weeks ago he started to show signs of jaundice and despite all of Ardmore’s efforts he continued to become more jaundiced. He still was so happy and eating until Monday. We knew it was time to let him go. I held him in my arms for the procedure and he purred the whole time.

He was one of the nicest animals I have ever known and he touched so many hearts in the short time he was with us. He was always being held by either a staff member or volunteer or a staff member at Ardmore while he was hospitalized. He will be missed but never forgotten.

Heather Hennessey

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Thank you so much for voting for us!  We are thrilled to be Best of Mainline 2014 Animal Rescue!

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Time to Put a Senior Pet in Your Life

Had a bad day? Think coming home to a pet who loves you unconditionally would help? You’re right; it will. Being loved by a doting four-pawed best buddy will pick you right up, maybe even lower your blood pressure.

But maybe you’re not up for a frisky kitten or a puppy that chews and isn’t trained, adorable as they may be. The thing to do? Adopt a senior pet!  A dog or cat who’s mellowed out, calmer, doesn’t ask much, whose personality you know, who doesn’t require constant monitoring, picks up quickly on household rules, knows how to get along with others…the list of benefits goes on.


Pets that are seven or older are still lively and vigorous, with years of life to come. And are they ever grateful to love and be loved.

“With an older pet, you know what you’re getting,” says Heather Hennessey, shelter manager at Francisvale. Older pets can be especially perfect for older people, since these furry companions are gentler and less interested in romping about. And they can also be comforting companions to children as they are unwavering in their devotion.

That’s why Francisvale and are celebrating November as Adopt-a-Senior-Pet Month. If you want to adopt a senior pet this month, Francisvale can introduce you to wonderful dogs and exceptional cats like those featured here.


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