Francisvale FAQ

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about our shelter.

What is Francisvale Home For Smaller Animals?
Francisvale is one of the oldest no-kill shelters in the United States, providing a temporary home for rescued, unwanted, and abandoned dogs and cats.

We work to place our animals in homes for life, offering individuals and families the love and companionship of a healthy, carefully matched pet. Since opening our doors in 1909, Francisvale has saved the lives of tens of thousands of cats and dogs.

Where is Francisvale located?
We are located at 328 Upper Gulph Road, Radnor, PA 19087, on the corner at the intersection of Arden Road. Visit our directions page for more information about how to find us.

When are Francisvale’s hours?
Francisvale is open seven days a week (except for national holidays) and operates from 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. All surrenders, adoptions and burials are by appointment only, please contact us first at 610-566-4575 to schedule an appointment to visit.

How are animal shelters different than animal rescue groups?
Animal shelters such as Francisvale are generally single facilities that house and care for homeless animals, operated by a mixture of paid staff members and volunteers.

Animal rescue groups, on the other hand, are mostly all-volunteer organizations that rely on the volunteers to house and care for the animals before they get adopted.

Francisvale is a no-kill shelter. What does that mean?
Unlike some shelters that routinely euthanize animals because of space limitations, disabilities or severe medical conditions, Francisvale is a no-kill shelter. We do not kill unwanted animals, and we seek medical care for injured or sick pets to ensure they live safe, healthy lives.

What kind of care do the animals receive at Francisvale?
From the moment they arrive at Francisvale, our dogs and cats receive all necessary health care, including neutering, spaying, vaccinations and microchipping. Beyond food and shelter, each animal gets exercise – and individualized, loving attention from the staff as well as from more than 100 committed volunteers.

How is Francisvale funded?
Francisvale is privately funded thanks to the generosity of our donors, supporters, and volunteers. Many supporters make yearly donations or sponsor specific cats and dogs with a recurring monthly donation. One increasingly popular way to make a substantial difference in the lives of animals in need is through planned giving. Making a planned gift is a great way to create a lasting legacy of compassion for abandoned animals. Learn more at our planned giving page.

What about animals with special needs?
Many donors wish to earmark donations to help save the lives of animals with special needs. George’s Fund was established in 2007 to help defray extraordinary expenses associated with life-threatening or chronic medical conditions.

Are there other ways to help Francisvale?
Volunteering to care for animals at our shelter is a popular and satisfying way to support Francisvale. In-kind donations are accepted, and we have a wish list of frequently-used items.

Is parking available at Francisvale?
Yes, we have two parking lots available for visitors with limited street parking on Upper Gulph Road.