Adoption FAQ

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about adopting a pet from Francisvale.

I want to adopt an animal from Francisvale. What’s the first step?
We’re thrilled that you’d like to adopt one of our animals at Francisvale! We’ve recently affiliated with Providence Animal Center.

How long does the adoption process usually take?
Not every pet is the right match for every family or home situation, so Francisvale has developed a three-step process to ensure successful adoptions:

  1. Francisvale evaluates each pet’s temperament.
  2. Francisvale looks for a match with a prospective adopter’s household and its ability to care for its new member. As part of this step, a Francisvale counselor may make a home visit.
  3. If there is a match, it’s time for an adopting family to “meet and greet” their chosen pet to be sure the pairing will be successful.

How soon can I take my new pet home with me?
Once your application is approved and an appropriate match is made, you will meet with Francisvale’s counselors. They will review information about your pet’s diet, house-training, exercise, veterinary care, manners, and behavior training, and help get you started with your new companion.

Do I need a fenced-in yard to adopt an animal at Francisvale?
We do not have a fence requirement for our adopters. However, there may occasionally be a dog who will do best with a fenced-in yard; that depends on the dog and their behavior.

What if I already have a pet at home and want to adopt another?
During the adoption process, we would only recommend an animal that would get along with either your dog(s) or cat(s). Once approved, you would bring your animal(s) to Francisvale for an animal meet-and-greet” to ensure that the adoptable animal would get along with your existing pet(s).

Are there any age requirements to adopt a pet from Francisvale?
You must be at least 21 years of age to adopt an animal from Francisvale.

What fees or costs will there be if I adopt an animal from Francisvale?
The amount of donation varies, depending on the type and age of the animal you are adopting.

What resources does Francisvale provide after I adopt an animal?
Our staff is always here for your questions and concerns. We are happy to help you and your new pet through the adjustment period, and you can call us at any time for advice. You will also have access to our PennVet behaviorist for any issues that may arise for three months from the time of the adoption without charge. We can also provide you with other guidance and resources as needed. We are here to help, so please call.

What is different about Francisvale adoptions?
Francisvale has developed a proven procedure for matching pets with adopting individuals and families. In the weeks after its arrival, each animal is evaluated based on its temperament and suitability for a variety of home environments. And each prospective pet owner’s desires and abilities to care for a pet are assessed based on an easy-to-answer online questionnaire, ensuring a stress-free match.