Memorials FAQ

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about memorials at Francisvale.

What are the visitation hours for the Cemetery at Francisvale?
The cemetery at Francisvale is open for visits Monday to Sunday, opening at 10:00 a.m. and closing at 3:00 p.m.

We’re looking to honor our pet with a memorial at Francisvale. Where can we find more information?
All information about our cemetery and memorial services is on our memorial grounds page. For a personal response, you can also get in touch with us at or call us at the shelter at (610) 688-1018.

What services can Francisvale provide for families who have recently lost a pet?
Francisvale can provide a beautiful, peaceful resting place for your beloved pet should you choose to bury in our cemetery. We offer various burial packages, depending on the size of the burial plot. We also provide a transport service to pick up your animal at your home, vet, or vet hospital and bring it back to Francisvale to hold for the burial. Headstones are mandatory and we are here to help you with your selection.

Are there still burial plots available at Francisvale?
Even though the cemetery at Francisvale was officially created in 1909 and has been the resting place for hundreds of animals throughout the years, there is still space available to bury your loved one. Plan and secure a beautiful final resting place for the pets that have made a difference in your life.

Please see our memorial grounds page for more information.