George’s Fund

George’s Fund is a financial Fund established in memory of a beautiful dog named George, who brought joy to all privileged to have known him.

George, a Basset Hound mix, had been abandoned at a local Petsmart. When George arrived at Francisvale, he was emaciated and extremely ill. Francisvale staff transported George to the University of Pennsylvania for an exam, where he was diagnosed with T-cell lymphoma cancer and began treatment to save his life.

George responded positively to treatment and care. George had a strong spirit and an even stronger will to live, despite his illness. One month later, George’s health unexpectedly declined, and his vets could do no more for him. The difficult decision was made to end his suffering.

As a no-kill shelter, Francisvale strives to give animals such as George an opportunity for a second chance at life as a companion pet.

Please consider a contribution to George’s Fund. With your support, we can readily say “yes” to the next animal who comes to Francisvale and requires urgent medical treatment.