Foster a Pet

The Francisvale Foster Care Program is designed to provide a caring home where animals can receive more individualized attention, socialization and basically enhance the lives of the animals that come into our shelter.

When we are able to place some of our residents with caring and loving families it allows us to take in more animals, thereby saving more lives, helps to alleviate the stressful shelter atmosphere that some animals have a hard time adjusting to, helps us gain more adoptions, and, as we all know, many times a foster home leads to a forever home.

Foster parents can experience the joy of having a pet without the commitment and they save the life of not only the foster animal but also free up space at the shelter for another animal. And foster parents have the first chance to adopt and also help us find forever homes for their foster animal


  1. Submit an application online. Please include complete veterinary references. If you are interested in more than one animal, you may put more than one animal’s name on your application.
  2. A Francisvale staff member will review your application; if all foster requirements are met, a staff member will call you to set up an appointment.
  3. Initial meeting with dogs or cats (All members of a family household are required to meet Francisvale animal before a foster decision is determined).
  4. Introduction of the existing family pet(s) to the Francisvale dog or cat. (Occasionally, more than one meeting is necessary).
  5. A home visit is completed by a Francisvale representative.
  6. The application is either approved or denied. Pending the completion of all of the above steps and approval of the foster application, a decision regarding fostering an animal is typically made within one week.
  7. A Francisvale representative provides thorough foster counseling and training to help ensure a smooth transition from our shelter to the foster home setting.

If you are ready to start the foster care process, please visit our Foster Application page where you can begin the process by applying to foster an animal.